The Choice

  • $5000

    • 100 x 120 x 2 cm
    • acrylic and oil on canvas


    "Willpower and Choice" was created at the time of my life, when public opinion pressed on me, everyone knew better how I should live, act and create. There was no space for the expression of my own view, creativity and truth. From different sides I encountered judgement and pressure to put me into a framework, to set the conditions in which I was lost.


    It so happened that a year before I created a performance called “The Picture of Society”. Its idea was that any passerby could leave a colorful smear on the canvas and all these people together created a picture of society - this was a reflection of how each person contributes to and is a part of a coherent social system. This artwork formed the basis of the painting “Willpower and Choice”.


    My internal protest against the opinions of others resulted in the creation of a new painting using the canvas already existing as “The Picture of Society”. I used it again and created, driven by the desire of the soul, to get rid of limiting circumstances.


    It is the picture about strength of will and unflinching belief in oneself. When tearing the bonds of other's opinions, of that restraining framework, a woman decides to change her life. The picture is a reflection of the key moment of decision making. It is the manifestation of internal strength to move forward.

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