• $5000

    • 100 W x 150 H x 2 D cm
    • acrylic and oil on canvas


    “Sadness” tells a story of diverse emotional states and situations. Not only of the unidimensional emotion of sorrow.

    From time to time new energy appears, but we’re afraid to look her straight in the eyes. That’s fear conveyed in the painting by the covered face of a woman. But these emotions are clearly noticeable through her complexion and internal state. She is a part of these energies, but revealing face would transform them into something entirely different.

    When I painted this scene, I felt ready for a change, but at the same time was truly afraid of coming into this new space. That’s common in life when we have to make a significant decision. We go through many anxieties, worry about others’ opinions, and finally fight our internal battle with truth. We have to decide for ourselves, that it’s time. That’s why the woman in the painting is undressed, but conceals her face not only from others, but, above all else, from herself.

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