Depression and Hope

  • $5000

    • 100 x 150 x 2 cm
    • acrylic and oil on canvas


    “Depression and Hope” is the first painting of the collection named “Spiritual Evolution” describing my internal journey. Through this artwork I want to convey what energies I felt being in the state of depression. They were a part of me, coming from the inside.


    One of the details of the painting, seemingly inconspicious hand of the woman, tells that, even in such serious state, there is always something inside that supports us, that will show us the way to our personal salvation.


    This painting is really about that everyone can successfully live through such serious states, but also find real help inside. When creating this artwork I went through difficult emotional conditions and experienced a series of flashbacks from my past, connecting to these energies one more time. In every situation we can find our internal power, or lose ourselves, giving in to our emotions. That’s why I titled this painting “Depression and Hope” - because i believe that even in the worst possible situation, everyone can discover internal hope for a change.

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