Annata is an artist born on September, 18th 1986 in Minsk, Belarus.

In 2008 she decided to change her life - dropped out of university, quit her job and began travelling.

She loved to create since childhood, but really found her artistic path while living in Nepal, India and Peru. 
Annata studied sacred painting in Kathmandu, learned unique techniques of powdered charcoal drawing and spiral painting in Chiang Mai.​ Her first exhibition was held in Thailand back in 2015.

After years of travel, Annata returned to Europe to study painting and develop her artistic abilities. After finishing the university she focused on a work in studio to further experiment on the idea of innovative combination between abstract and figurative art.

Annata currently resides in Warsaw, Poland.

Current Event

Online Exhibition "Feel"

at Stalowa Art Gallery

live only on Instagram!

12.06.2020 14:30 CEST



Personal exhibition “Emotions of a Woman - Road to Spirituality”
Warsaw, Poland, October 2018

Personal vernissage “Energy of a Woman”

Cracow, Poland, September 2018

Personal exhibition “Magical World”

Festival of Art & Science, Cracow, Poland, May 2017

Personal exhibition “Fluid World”

Art Cafe Wolnica, Cracow, Poland, March 2017

Social Project “Image of the Society”
Main Square, Cracow, Poland, December 2016

Personal exhibition, “Life in Freedom”

Chiang Mai, Thailand, March 2015


Diabetes Charity Auction by Pragaleria,

Warsaw, Poland, June 2020

Online Art Auction "Blue" by Pragaleria

Warsaw, Poland, February 2020

Group Exhibition at  79th Young Art Auction, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny

Warsaw, Poland, December 2019

Group Exhibition by Galeria Stalowa at Available Art Fair

Warsaw, Poland, November 2019

Group exhibition “Plantations and Shrubbery”

Lamelli Gallery, Cracow, Poland, June 2018

Group exhibition “From Eye and Imagination”

Lamelli Gallery, Cracow, Poland, June 2017

Group exhibition “Studying Signs, Discovering Meanings”

Lamelli Gallery, Cracow, Poland, June 2016

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