The Artist


    Annata is an artist born in Minsk, Belarus, currently residing in Warsaw, Poland.


She loved to create since childhood, but really found her artistic path while living in Nepal and Peru. This is the reason why her art often balances between a physical world of figurative art and emotional expression of abstraction.


Annata returned to Europe to study painting and develop her artistic abilities. After finishing the university she focused on a work in studio to further experiment on the idea of innovative combination between abstract and figurative art.

Latest Event


Online Exhibition "Feel"

Stalowa Art Gallery



Charity Auction by Pragaleria,

Warsaw, Poland, June 2020

Online Art Auction "Blue" by Pragaleria

Warsaw, Poland, February 2020

Group Exhibition at  79th Young Art Auction, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny

Warsaw, Poland, December 2019 (Catalogue, no. 40)

Group Exhibition by Galeria Stalowa at Available Art Fair

Warsaw, Poland, November 2019

Personal exhibition “Emotions of a Woman - Road to Spirituality”
Warsaw, Poland, October 2018

Personal vernissage “Energy of a Woman”

Cracow, Poland, September 2018

Group exhibition “Plantations and Shrubbery”

Lamelli Gallery, Cracow, Poland, June 2018

Group exhibition “From Eye and Imagination”

Lamelli Gallery, Cracow, Poland, June 2017

Personal exhibition “Magical World”

Festival of Art & Science, Cracow, Poland, May 2017

Personal exhibition “Fluid World”

Art Cafe Wolnica, Cracow, Poland, March 2017

Social Project “Image of the Society”
Main Square, Cracow, Poland, December 2016

Group exhibition “Studying Signs, Discovering Meanings”

Lamelli Gallery, Cracow, Poland, June 2016

Personal exhibition, “Life in Freedom”

Chiang Mai, Thailand, March 2015​

In the Critic's Eyes

    If it was necessary to describe Annata’s art in one word, it would be a “revelation". Her works are filled with strength, courage to ask questions and ability to search for limits of human vulnerability. The ambivalence that the artist offers is based not only on the dialogue of figurative and abstract, but also on a subtle game with the scale and relativity of a person and the universe. The depth of this duality is a product of Annata’s personal story: a long path of getting to know herself. Spiritual practices, psychology studies, pilgrimages to Nepal, India and Peru in search of answers, are only a small part of her experiences. Her works are, on the one hand, a synthesis of her personal story, and on the other, an opportunity for the viewer to really understand their own pain.

    Annata makes abstract and figurative art coexist through the establishment of a special connection based on the dual nature of the emotional state of a human being. Like Kandinsky in his time, the artist transforms color into a conscious sensory experience, but at the same time gives it additional depth through Buddhist meditative practices, in which this unusual assembly becomes the entry into the “here and now” state. However, the spontaneity of Annata's work has nothing to do with randomness. Professional art education, immersion in the intricacies of psychology and vast spiritual experience allow the artist to delicately manage color, textures and shapes, without losing any of that meditative state. The colors that the she uses are bright and deep, but at the same time devoid of senseless shock value. The color in this case is not an egocentric cry for attention, but a delicate offer to share the emotional state and convey the sensory experience. Annata creates in her works a special, surreal dynamic, which, on the one hand, maintains a connection with the reality we perceive, and, on the other, pulls the viewer into another dimension, where there are no familiar principles of linearity of time and events; where there is only room for an honest meeting with oneself. This crystal-clear structure contains the non-trivial versatility of the artits works.

    A woman is in the central point of many paintings created by Annata; feminine connection of physicality and spirituality, often difficult interactions with social attitudes and crippling external pressure. Direct relationship between the art and the path of the artist’s life is clearly visible, directly linking to the personal experiences of difficult relationships with men: violence, contempt, depression and subsequent healing. But the real purpose of Annata's work lies precisely in overcoming difficult circumstances and finding true oneself. Without giving universal, know-all answers to any questions, she starts a personal conversation with the viewer using the language of her own experiences, helping everyone reveal their own, unique stories through the artist’s absolute openness and bold exposure of her own soul.